Gagliardi Art & Partners offer the following services for Museums and Institutions:

  1. Exhibitions on loan - See below the list of exhibitions that can be hired.
  2. Publications - inclusive of graphic design, content and printing.
  3. Organisational and Curatorial Services for exhibitions.

List of exhibitions on loan:


Ancient China

An exhibition of 200 artifacts that range from the neolithic period to the great dynasties such as Ming, Hang and Tang. An important selection from the Loose Collection, a family that gathered countless treasures in collaboration with the Director of the Museum of Jakarta.

Rare Neolithic Amphora

Bampo Culture, 3000 B.C.




Master Engravers

An exhibition of 100 artworks ranging from original etchings by Dürer, some of which were acquired from the Cincinnati Art Museum and others from the Count Antoine Seilern collection, original engravings by Francisco Goya acquired from the Metropolitan Art Museum, NY and original works by Rembrandt to etchings by Salvador Rosa, Eugène Delacroix and Anthony Van Dyke.

Albrecht Dürer

"The presentation of the Virgin at the Temple"
Original Woodcut, Circa 1504



The art of drawing over the centuries, interpreted by the great masters 

An exhibition of 60 drawings, including an important work by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo entititled "Un gruppo di spettatori allarmati". The work was presented at the National Gallery of Vancouver in Canada and at the Royal Academy of London. The  Exhibition presents works by Luca Giordano, Giovanni Barbieri known as Guercino, Paolo Caliari known Veronese and artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries such as Edvard Munch, René Magritte, Guttuso, Marino Marini and George Grosz.




Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
"Un gruppo di spettatori allarmati"

Drawing exhibited at the
National Gallery of Canada and the Royal Academy in London


19th - Century Painting and Sculpture 

An exhibition of 50 artworks ranging from Salvador Dali, Norman Adams, Maximillian Luce, Brian Wilshire, Sir Henry Moore, Damien Hirst, Mario Schifano and Andy Warhol.



Sir Henry Moore

"Head" Bronze



An exhibition of 400 designer items from the most important and influential stylists of the 20th Century. Vintage collections from Armani, Hermes, Chanel, Dior & Burberry to name a few






Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec "Elles"

An exhibition of selected lithographs that shed light on the talent and on the contemporary nature of this great French Master. This collection of lithographs was published in collaboration with the Toulouse-Lautrec Society and The Times of London.







Russian Realism, the Soviet Period

An exhibition of 30 artworks from the 1920s to the late 1980s. The collection is a wonderful demonstration of the talent and achievements of the great Russian (previously Soviet) states.  











The Art of Craft, a global vision

An exhibition of 100 pieces that brings together traditional arts and crafts from all corners of the globe. The collection compares and contrasts the mystical world of the American Indians with their weapons, totem poles and ceremonial clothing with powerful traditional Chinese dragons made in wood and masks and musical instruments from the mysterious tribes of Africa.





Giorgio Armani - how the designs of the most famous designer in the world were born

An exhibition of drawings created by famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani; a modern protagonist who, with innovative concepts communicated through drawing, led a total re-evaluation of global fashion.  In 2000, the Guggenheim Museum of New York dedicated a retrospective exhibition of his work.



Drawings by Giorgio Armani

Photograph courtesy of the Chianciano Art Museum