Casa Gagliardi is the home of the Gagliardi family for over seven generations. Roberto Gagliardi inherited the property from his grandparents Ambrogio Eliseo Anselmet, Rosina Jocallaz and his aunt Angela Anselmet. The Anselmet family was already well known in 1500s as fine wines producers and nowadays this ancient tradition continues in Villeneuve, a few kilometers from Saint Pierre. The Gagliardi family, of Norman origins, settled in Cava dei Tirreni and then reached the Kingdom of Naples in southern Italy. The oldest part of the facade of the house stands on a small fortress built in 1100 to defend the castle of Saint-Pierre. In fact, the walls have a width of approximately 1.40 m, attesting the use of the fortification for defense purposes. Nevertheless, the arrow loopholes used by guards remained intact. The entry door of the fort is no longer in use as it is located 2.5 meters below the ground. The historic home contains a charming chapel, a wine cellar and a wine press in use more than a hundred years ago.